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Hello! I'm Caitlin. I am 22 years old and getting married in October.

I got pregnant at 17 and was pretty much pressured by my now ex-husband to get married. Guess I should have taken that as a cue to run the other way and not look back. I was divorced by 19 and didn't really know what to do or think- luckily my best friend went through almost the exact same thing, and we learned along the way that being divorced young does NOT mean you are damaged goods.

I am now 22 with two kids. FI is young too- 24, no kids, never married. I learned at very young age how to be a strong, independent young mother. Lucky for me, I met my FI who adores me, my kids, and my family (and the feeling is mutual in all parts).

I have lurked a few times and love the 'its normal' thread. I have had new feelings of insecurity, resentment towards ex-husband (and myself), and fear of what's to come.

I am excited that I now have a chance to 'do it right'. I love my fiance' for the RIGHT reasons, I will have my church ceremony and reception with all of my close family and friends, and I am so excited to start my new life.
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  • I learned at very young age how to be a strong, independent young mother

    Above is the line I zero in on the most..........I learned what you now know much later in my life when I had my kids in my 30's.

    Congrats on finding the right guy this time. It's a blessing when you know for sure that you will not repeat the mistakes of your earlier life.

    My word of caution as a single Mom until last August: NEVER lose your independence or strength. A woman's ability to know herself and be capable of taking care of her children is extremely important, whether married or single.

    Good luck and come back and share your wedding planning. We love listening.
  • Congratualtions!  I wish you and your family every happiness possible!
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