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Hello knotties, I had my name changed because the other one - Leslysblanc -  I used when I first came here 4 years ago and everything had changed ever since. Same bride, different name!
Talking about names, how many of you will change your names after getting married? I am so undecided about it...I mean, I am so used to my easy last name - my first name is not difficult but there are so many pronunciations that drives me crazy - and I am not sure that I want another name that most people will say it wrong as well (FI has a German last name that's not easy). I know that he would like for me to change, but quite frankly I don't like the idea and all the work that I will have changing all my documents here and abroad. On top of it, his EX still use his last name what's make me even more uncomfortable.Could you girls, please give me your thoughts?

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  • nmauser82nmauser82 member
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    I am keeping my maiden name. He wants me to take his name so I may hyphenate it to make him happy but I am definintely not dropping my own name. Been there, done that and I went through a lot of hassel changing it back after my divorce. I am not willing to give it up again. Either way I will difinitely hyphenate it socially. Legally....we'll see if I ever get around to it lol.
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    As far as I'm concerned, if you don't get to tell him what his name should be after the wedding, he doesn't get to tell you what yours should be.  I have kept the same name for 56 years now, in spite of two marriages, and cannot imagine trying to change it.
  • melissamc2melissamc2 member
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    I've changed it every time and see no need to not do it this time.   I have no real affection for a last name, anyway, so one is as good as another.   Plus, I like us having the same last name.  I want us to be seen as a set, even when only viewing our names on paper!
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    I understand your point Melissa, I was married twice before and changed my name as well, but now, after so long, I really don't feel inclined to do it. Maybe I hyphenate like nmauser82 suggested,but it's not  easy to change a name in three different countries in all documents, and I really want to keep the same name wherever I am. My last name is my dad's and none of my kids have it, so I may keep it as a remembrance of my deceased dad. My kids - for some legal reason that I don't remember - use my mom's last name and their own dad's name. Well, I still have a long time to decide about it; it just came up tonight because FI and I were talking about it, but thanks for your inputs girls!!!
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    I am going to hypenate.  I am a teacher and it would be easier for kids and parents and also for my own children.  I want to continue to honor their deceased father.  My FI is totally OK with it.
  • Sloane99Sloane99 member
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    I will be changing my name as well, and I did so with my first marriage, but actually the first time around I really only changed it on the easiest stuff. My passport and other forms of ID were still in my maiden name - guess I knew it wasn't going to last. My own mother never even changed my name in her contacts because she figured I'd be back to my maiden name in no time!

    We've had some discussions around it and it's important to both of us so I made the decision to change it.
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  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    My last name is my dad's and none of my kids have it, so I may keep it as a remembrance of my deceased dad.

    I'm with you on this one, I'm keeping my name. It's a name that was changed when my Great Grandmother brought her family over, and there are few of us in the entire world with it. My son has this last name, and my daughter has her dad's. I have no middle name, so I've told my fiance I may take his last name as my middle name, with no hyphen, but I really don't want to go through all the hassle of changing my social security card (which is over 40 years old, LOL) and everything else. It would be a nice gesture, but I have enough stuff to do in my life and I doubt I'll even do that.
  • Neeter59Neeter59 member
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    I'm changing mine since it is from my previous marriage.  It is going to be a hassle, but I'm kind of old fashioned and like the thought of having the same last name as my husband. 
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