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Invitation Etiquette - First Married Name or Maiden Name on Invitations?

This is my second marriage, his first.  He wants the whole deal - big, formal wedding.  My first wedding was in 1996 and I have been divorced 10 years, but share two children with my ex. I have kept my married name because of the children.

On the invitations for this wedding, I planned on using my married name since that is who I've been for 10 years.  I'm worried that some people on my parent's invite list won't know me with that last name, so I'm debating whether I should do separate invitations for them with my maiden name (I'm doing the invites myself, so it's really not that big of a deal).  Is it necessary do you think?  We're including full names so I wouldn't have room to put first, middle, maiden, married name ... but I also don't want that group of people to get an invitation and have no idea who's wedding they're invited to.

What do you think?

Re: Invitation Etiquette - First Married Name or Maiden Name on Invitations?

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    I did first name maiden name last name.  ~Donna
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    You could put your maiden then married name on your return address labels.  I would guess that there's a pretty good chance they know your married name.  Perhaps you could ask your parents if those on their list would know you by your married name, and if they do, problem solved.  I know if I were to receive any sort of wedding invitation and didn't know recognize the names on the invite I always look at the return address.  Sorry I don't have any better suggestions.

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    I agree with Right1 use First Maiden Married.
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    Well i would say Maiden name, but also include an engagement photo or some other photo in a wallet size that is of the two of you together. We did ours at the little machine at walmart and it cost us $11 for 100 wallet sized pictures.
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