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Newly Engaged, Need some advice

We are newly engaged and it will be a second wedding for both of us. We wanted to incorporate what was missing in our first weddings, My Fi had a simple court house ceremony, no reception and I had the big wedding but the reception was held at the church (no Dj). When I looked at the guest list for our wedding we are looking at less than 70 people (including wedding party and kids). I really wanted to have the reception I missed with a dj and my Fi wants to wear a tux, is it silly to rent a hall when the guest list is sooo small? We have a small budget so we are limited to certain options. Thank you for your input.

Re: Newly Engaged, Need some advice

  • My first wedding haad about 70-80 guests, and we did tuxes, dj, the whole shebang. A fun time was had by all. If that's what you two want to do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!
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  • You can have a lovely, formal event with a guest list of 50-100.  Just choose a venue that will feel intimate and not cavernous, seat people at tables that feel comfortable, not impersonal, and choose music that allows people to interact & enjoy each other's company.  You will have more time to visit with them, and to celebrate with them.  I think the size you have in mind is lovely.  ~Donna

  • Our wedding was a formal event and we ended up having less than 60 guests arrive. We held our ceremony and reception at one venue a lovely golf course.  We were married on an intimate patio in front of a 500 yr old oak tree, and had a DJ for both the ceremony and the reception!  All of our gents were in tuxes and all the ladies chose floor length gowns - I was in a white wedding dress complete with veil. 

    Have the wedding you want and can afford.  The number guests you plan to invite is a very lovely number as it will give you time to visit with them all. 
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    Tipton&Snyder: Welcome!

    You can have whatever wedding you and your fiance want to have. There really are no rules.

    I see you are in the Detroit area. It was my hubby's 3rd marriage, my first, when we married last August. We had our ceremony and reception at Greenmead Village in Livonia, at 8 Mile & Newburgh Rds. It's a lovely historic village, and we had so many compliments on the food, venue, etc. We joked the location was vintage, like us (LOL).

    Link here to our pics:

    All the posed/garden pictures were taken on the grounds of the park.

    This may not be the geographic area you are looking for, but you can also get a lot of info on the "Local Wedding Board" to the left, Michigan-Detroit.

    Looking forward to hearing all your plans. Send me a Private Message (link at bottom of this post) if you wany any more information.
  • We're doing a formal wedding at the Gaylord Texan in the atrium with about 50 guests.  Our venue will only really hold that many so it's definitely doable.  I never had a big wedding the first time around and my FI is always looking for a reason to get dressed up or have a party so it's perfect for us.
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  • Thank you everyone, i appreciate everyone's input.  Smile
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