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Second Weddings

wedding date?

My fiance and I are planning a wedding in Maine so it must be a summer wedding. My first marriage i was married on 7/14. My fiance and I are planning on 7/26. (june is out of the questions because of misquitos!) Is this innapropriate to be married to close to the same date as my first marriage? I dont think my fiance knows the day i was married before, should i tell him to see if he even cares?if so, how do i bring it up?

Re: wedding date?

  • I don't think it matters the dates are close together, unless it matters to you.  And, you'll never know if your finace cares until you tell him.  No need to delay it any further.  A dose of humor couldn't hurt.

    Good luck!
  • I don't think it matters unless it bothers you. My first wedding was in October (Thanksgiving weekend), but this one will be in August. For us, it was a matter of convenience - we're both teachers and will be on vacation at that time, so it works.

    You can mention it to your FI, but do it sooner rather than later, just so that if he isn't comfortable with the date, you still have time to do something about it.
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  • I agree - it doesn't matter unless it bothers you. I would mention it to FI just to make sure he's not bothered by it.

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    It isn't the SAME date, think that would be odd - but I think the same month is fine. Will you be okay with it? I didn't do anything the same (I even gave away the sixpence bought because it was ex-H's birth year!), and my FI finds my aversion more of an annoyance ;) As long as you aren't associating th dates, I can't imagine anyone would!
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  • My second will be 2 weeks after my first. Where I live the weather dictates weddings (since I insist on being outdoors). It's not an issue for us, but you should talk to your fiance. If you keep it from him and it comes out later he could be really hurt that you hid it.
  • I told my fiance and he didn't care. I don't think he knows the date of my first wedding but he just said he doesn't mind as long as I don't.. I wasn't hiding it, I just didn't really want to bring it up lol.
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    My sister and her 2nd husband were married on the same date as her first wedding - get this she forgot? LOL  

    Any way they have been married 10 years and according to her they're happy. (They create alot of drama amongst themselves and from time to time try to draw the rest of the family in)
  • Im glad you asked this, as I was feeling as we talked about dates this weekend like I needed to avoid the whole month of August because of my first wedding.  But I think everyone on here is right- it shouldnt matter.  Its a whole new start!  do whats most convenient for you and FI.  
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