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Second Weddings

Strange life, strange girl.... need some girlfriends!

I am getting married for the 2nd time for both of us really.
The first time my mother did all the planning and ordering and paying and I just chose colors, veil, bridesmaids and invites.. Things like that.. I remember it being sooo easy. She took out my options for a dress because I was prego. SOmeone gave me a dress and my mom just "made it work".  I was able to pick the things I wanted sooo easily but it was also the late 90's and if you remember ladies that was lace, lace, lace, poof, pears, lace and lace! It was before fondont and funky traditions. I don't think I was ever a girl who grew up thinking about my dream wedding.. I guess I never thought I would have one. So when the first one came I was sooo worried about this " making us a family" or fixing us or making it all "right" in God's eyes... I was more worried about his x finding the location and crashing it or him saying no then to having any fun with it all. I want this dress and this location and this wedding to the man I truley love and who loves me 100% to be amazing. Should I feel guilty? I have two children from two diff daddy's, My FH and I wont have any of our own because I am tied. My son is walking me down the isle and I am keeping my first married name and - with my new.... Anyone else done this??
I can't wait till I'm his

Re: Strange life, strange girl.... need some girlfriends!

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    Welcome.   Many many of us have used this board as a sounding place for ideas and thoughts about our wedding.  So jump right in. 

    A bit of advice - take your full name out of the post.  Just substitute 1stmarriedname and newlastname for the real names.  The internet is a big place, and this board is public, you don't have to be a member to view it.  Somebody could use personal information you post to ball up your plans, or email your MIL with commplaints you make about her.  (Both have really happened). 

    Finally, don't apologize for your past.  It is part of who you are, it is part of what makes you the woman your FI loves. IF you really feel that ashamed of what you endured (I might be reading that into what you wrote- its early) get yourself some therapy so you can love & accept yourself. 

    And- read the It's Normal post up above.  ~Donna
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    Thank you! I did delete my name it was late I couldnt sleep last night. I actually am in therapy working on everything! i am just wanting the wedding to be everything I dreamed my first one didnt do. My first Marriage that is!
    I can't wait till I'm his
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    It's still there - Maybe it is your siggie?  I would change it.  ~Donna
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    You are a wonderful person, it appears from your post you are headed in a great direction.  Plan the wedding you want.  Enjoy, Enjoy!
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