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DIY Project - Should it Be a Don't?

Here's the back story we bought our invitation card stock which included the RSVP card stock, RSVP envelopes and the "outer" envelope.  Being that our wedding is more formal we need an inner envelope or an outter envelope - or do we?  Things have greatly changed since the time I actually had to do invitations and I cannot wrap my brain around how to properly address the invitations without the double envelopes.

Given my "quandry" I found envelopes that will work for outer envelopes, but they are unlined. So my thought was to line them (which is proving to be more difficult than first thought). My question is will anyone beside me notice if they are not lined, and did I just create more work than necessary?  I've only done 4 so I can definitely stop.  Thoughts?

Re: DIY Project - Should it Be a Don't?

  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Stop!  Unless you're in love with the envelope liners, that is.  The only circumstance inner envelopes are needed (in my opinion) is if there may be assumptions re: who is invited. So, its nice to be able to include the children's names (or NOT) on the inner envelopes.  Other than that ... no big deal.
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    Thank you Retread - so now for my idiot/uneducated question how does one address the outter envelope to include significant others or children? 

    We have family members that are not married some due to certain assinine laws and uneducated persons are not able...but I digress how do I address envelopes to more than just the marrieds? With kids?  Please educate me.... I'm not 20 something and don't know the new rules....

    Thanks!  No offense to the 20 somethings that know this stuff.....
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    I would not use "and family".

    I would write Mr. & Mrs John Jones
                          Messrs. Joshua and Alvin Jones
                         Miss Almira Jones
                          123 street street
                          Town, ST  12zip
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    I agree with right1thistime's recommendation. I totally missed the fact that my invitation kit (on Michael's sale table) didn't have inner envelopes.

    Even if it's proper etiquette, I won't be doing what Retreadbride recommends regarding those over 18. In some of my fiance's family's households, more than one of his nieces or nephews lives at home with the same parents, which would result in 3 or 4 invitations being sent to the same address. (This generation just does NOT want to leave home......just kidding!) I'd also like to save paper (and postage) by sending just one invitation, addressed as right1thistime has shown.


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    Thank you ladies I needed the advice!  I appreciate all the answers and will be making this a DON'T....whew one less thing for me to tackle.

    Thanks a bunch!!
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