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Second wedding-appropriate veil for sale

I normally post on the DIY board - but I AM a second time bride - married December 5, 2009. I wanted to wear a veil - but didn't want to look too "young" so I had a custom veil made that did the trick. I am selling it and my dress among other things.

If you want to see pricing etc - go to my blogsite at:

This is a very nice place to post and receive feedback.

You can also find my wedding photos here:

Yes - second wedding can be formal and magical - mine was just as special as the first time around! (psst - my first husband came to the wedding and you can see him in the slideshow!)

Re: Second wedding-appropriate veil for sale

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    I thought I was the only one nutso enough to have my ex-husband at my second wedding!  In my case, he actually gave ha-motzi (blessing over bread) immediately following the ceremony.  He joked that he should have been the one to give me away.
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    What exactly is a second wedding appropriate veil? Is it made of burlap or sackcloth?  Is there a scarlet D embroidered on it?  Is it red instead of white?   Actually I am just kidding, I am sure its lovely.  But the truth is, ANY veil is appropriate for a second wedding, if it makes that bride happy. 
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