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I found a great book and wanted to share it with you: It's called "Committed--A skeptic makes peace with marriage". by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I'm really enjoying the read (same author as "Eat, Love, Pray").  Anyhow, it's a book about a couple who never wanted to get married again (they both went through ugly divorces) but because of U.S. immigration--they had to.  It's her story of how she studies marriage and makes peace with the institution and figures out how to make it work for her.  I'm getting some useful history on marriage and as I get set to walk down the aisle for the third time... it's helping me make peace with myself and my decision.


Re: Great Book

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    Thanks Joanne I will have to check it out!
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    I saw Elizabeth Gilbert speak in DC a few weeks ago.  She read from her new book.  She is very funny.  Good book for any of us that think we have problems trying to sort through all the wedding issues.  Our problems pale in comparison! 
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