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hi im new...i have a few questions...

HI! congrats to the soon to be brides!  As for me I just have a question. My husband and i are already married (it will be 2 yrs in january) , but we had a small quick wedding(thrown together in a week) where my mother works because he was in a Fatal car accident in june 2008(best friend was killed he almost died) and was supposed to o in for a second sugery to repair his leg and have no pictures of us or our ceremony! The girl that took the few picturs of me before our wedding was my brothers finace at the time and when they broke up she deleted all the pictures!!! I was wondering if it was a frowned upon thing to do if we wanted to have an actual wedding and reception? we were both married before so this is our second marriage, and we have a 2.5 yr old son and baby #2 on the way due in may! I would just like to have pictures and the people i love there to show our kids when they are older. I  know im married but I feel that i missed out on the whole "wedding" being the bride aspect.Undecided what do you think?

Re: hi im new...i have a few questions...

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    Call it a vow renewal.  You are already married.
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    There is nothing wrong with doing it up big for your vow renewal - you both been through alot in your short time together and obviously been blessed to have found each other. 

    Reaffirming your commitment to each other is in someways more meaningful (In my opinion) than the intial wedding. Afterall, once you've been through fire together, you know that person has your back for better or for worse.

    So happy for you!!
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    I agree with pp, make it a vow renewal.  You have both been through a lot and there really is reason to celebrate.
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    I agree, and make it big! Do the whole shebang- you deserve it.
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