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Im new and excited to find this board!!!

Hello. My name is Melanie and Im 29. Im engaged to the most wonderful man-Michael who is also 29. Ive been married before though. Twice. Embarassed Im not proud of the fact. Actually its just my first wedding Im not proud of. I was 19 at the time and married my "high school sweetheart" we had no buisness getting married, we hardly got along at the time and he was abusive...but my 19 yr old self thought by becomming his wife...would change him. Wrong. Our marriage only last a year and I wish it would of been possible to just wipe that from my past.

My second marriage, I did marry because I thought I was head over in heals love with him. We have 2 children (2 and 5) but in the end, while we are awsome parents and friends...we just never loved each other as a wife and husband should.

I am now engaged to my best friend. Michael was my FIRST boyfriend when I was 14. We just bouht a house and this is the next step to my happily ever after...finally! He has never been married before and doesnt have children (actually he doesnt want his own) So our wedding is kinda on the big side, since he hasnt been married befoe.
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Re: Im new and excited to find this board!!!

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    Congratulations and welcome.  Share your wedding details as your plans come together.  ~Donna
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    So exciting for you. Love your story with Michael.  Very sweet and romantic.  Welcome and have fun planning your big, special day.
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    Congrats & Welcome!!
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    Interesting story!!  Congratulations and welcome!!

    I too am marrying my best friend and we dated when we were 15, broke up, became best friends until we were  21, lost touch and reconnected 17 years later and then reunited 8 years after that. Getting married in 70 days - eeep!

    Please share  you wedding plans !!!  We love to hear about them!!

    Congratulations again!
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    Congrats and Welcome to the boards, where  you'll find a lot of advice and an attentive ear.

    Happy Planning!
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    Welcome Melanie, and YAY! Another Michigander! Your story is very sweet, and so happy you finally met the right guy (again!).

    Looking forward to hearing your plans both here and on the local Detroit board.

    The ladies on the Detroit board, and this one, are very sweet and gentle, with lots of great advice.

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    Welcome to the board and congratulations!
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    Welcome to the board, congrats on your engagement! Can't wait to hear about all of your wedding plans.
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    Welcome to the board!  You will find alot of good advice and support on here.

    Your story is sooo sweet - how nice you finally have your prince!
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    Welcome, i'm new here too! :) I've only posted a couple times so far, but everyone here is very nice and helpful. I totally hear you about the first marriage, sounds just like my first marriage. I had turned 18 just three weeks before I married my high school sweetheart. We fought constantly as well, but I contributed mine to stress of being a long distance relationship (he was in the military). But no, when we got married it got WAAAAY worse, because now we were LIVING together and had to put up with each other every day. Our marriage was short too, only 10 months.
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