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Marketing Director Not Any Better

So on the 19th I contacted the vendor of my gown's marketing director, got an email back apologizing for the way I had been treated by the previous Site Administrator and the offer of a veil was made to smooth over ruffled feathers.  There was supposed to be a second email - and nothing. Plus no response to my emails since.  So she's not any better.

For those who don't know the saga of the gown; in short format - I "won" an opportunity to blog for a new site in return they would give me a gown from one of their designers of my choosing.  Sounds great right?  They changed my designer a month before I needed to order my gown (my designer left their line-up). They sent me to a store a 2 hour drive away from my home (there are boutiques locally that carry their gowns), that boutique closed 4 weeks after I ordered my gown, The gowns that I had to choose from were not what I had selected.  The gown was then drop shipped to my house (left at the front door)and wasn't as ordered.  All the while I am dealing with the Site Administrator who was a poor communicator, and defensive at every turn and most times refused to respond to emails without being nagged. 

The agreement is that I post 2 blogs per week about the wedding planning process until "I do", and then two or three follow-up blogs after the honeymoon all blogs must have at least one picture. I supposedly have been released from the agreement but have not had official confirmation of that and so I keep blogging because now I would have to pay for the gown if I stop.

Once this is over should they ask for feedback I will be as honest and as fair as possible, but they won't like what I  have to say.

Re: Marketing Director Not Any Better

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    Goodness gracious, Angie!  That's all .... everything else I'm thinking has expletives.  Sorry.
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    So how is the gown Angie, did it turn out to be ok for you?

    We'd love to see you in it!!!! please share some photos with us.....................
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    [QUOTE]Goodness gracious, Angie!  That's all .... everything else I'm thinking has expletives.  Sorry.
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    Me too!
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    The gown is at the seamstress when I took it in I took my FDSD, who was supposed to take pictures but was too busy trying on dresses.  Which is okay because the gown wasn't as it was ordered and the hem was sent separately so when it is all together and the FDSD isn't distracted perhaps I will have pictures of me in it before the wedding.  Plus at the point that it went to the seamstess' I was not at all pleased with any of it - to say the least.  

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    Ugghhhh! I am so sorry to hear you are still having difficulties.  Hopefully you can get confirmation that you are released from this nightmare soon.

    Be brutally honest with them - they need to hear it - all of it!   I would say more, but I dont want to be banned from the Knot. 

    On the up side, you will have one beautiful dress to wear when you marry your prince in a couple months.  I did get to see the pics you posted beforehand. 
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