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Question about invitations??

Hello ladies!  I read some of the previous posts about wedding invitations and wanted to seek some more advice.  This is both our second wedding and we both have children, we are doing a small ceremony with just immediate family (which ends up being almost 18 since I have alot of family!!) at a B&B and then having dinner at one of our favorite resturants in St. Augustine.  My question is how would we word something if we wanted to invite friends to the dinner that wouldn't be at the ceremony and is it rude to state something along the lines of we would love to have them come for dinner and their gift would be them coming and paying for the own dinner??  I'm not sure if i'm making sense in this post, sorry if i'm wordy tonight!

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Question about invitations??

  • Think of wording you would use to invite someone to a dinner party; that might help get your creative juices flowing.  Good luck!
  • If I understand you correctly, you want people to show up but can't afford to feed them?

    If this is the case, then don't "invite" them.  You can use word of mouth to let people know that you will be celebrating at X restaraunt and they are welcome to join you.   Sending invitations to people implies that you will be hosting their meal.
  • What Avion said. 

  • I agree with what Avlon said as well.  If you can't afford to host don't invite. 
  • Thanks ladies for the advice.. I was thinking it was pretty rude to send a invitation if we aren't planning to have them attend the actual ceremony since its a small intimate ceremony with our kids and family but a friend made a comment that I should send one out to let them know where they should come for dinner.  but I def agree word of mouth is the way I'm going to go with it!
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