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Headpieces, veils, and accessories.....

My wonderful fiance' feels that we should have a full blown wedding - even though we've both done this before - the way he puts it is sweet, really.  I'm finally accustomed to the idea, dress is purchased - in champange - but once it comes in I am then stuck on a headpiece and accessories... I love the look of the veil - but is it really appropriate - or inappropriate?  What about an elbow length single layer tucked under or over my hair in the back - not full blown on the top of my head and NO blusher...  not sure if I like the fascinator/birdcage on me - I do from the shoulders up - but not when I see myself full length.  Should I just do a nice flower/feather piece or a nice headband?   Just looking for suggestions and ideas - what are you guys doing?  Thanks everyone!!!   

Re: Headpieces, veils, and accessories.....

  • MikesAngieMikesAngie
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    edited December 2011
    I did a plain single layer mantilla veil that was just to past my shoulders once it was in my hair. My dress was very ornate. I got it from a great site on-line and it was inexpensive (under $40.00 shipped).

    As far as what is correct, if you want a veil with a blusher then do it there is nothing stating that you can't.
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    I love the look of a simple veil tucked under your hair, if that looks good on you with the hairstyle you choose.  I chose no veil, because I find something on my hair/head to be an annoyance.  I just bought hair jewels from Claire's -me and the other tweens ;)  and liked the effect. ~Donna
  • renjon7798renjon7798
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    I was totally oppsed to the veil idea but it is something my FI wants.  (he sounds just your FI in wanting a big tradtitional wedding with all the trims and bows).  So, I am wearing a one teir cathedral length ivory veil with lace appliques.  Its just for the ceremony then it's being replaces by hair bling!  lol
  • Avion22Avion22
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    It is fine to wear a veil if you want to. 

    Personally, I hate veils.  I wore a single-layer veil at my first wedding and it annoyed the daylights out of me.  So this time I'm just going to do combs or a flower or something simpler.   Honestly, I don't think my fiance will even notice.
  • MerryNMathMerryNMath
    edited December 2011
    Thanks everyone - Angie - your dress looks like mine and I like the look of the veil.... If I do the veil - much like many of you - it will be gone for the reception and there will just be bling left  :)     Its just so foreign to me that he even cares - but I like it   Wink
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