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Hello, I just got engaged. This is going to be both of our second weddings. Combined we have 5 children who are going to make up our wedding party.  We want to have the wedding at the resort we got engaged at (aprox 2 hrs away) We also want to keep it relatively cheap. So I was thinking an early afternoon wedding with an ipod for music. We are not going to do the parents dance first dance or any of that so i wasnt getting a dj.  well have the ceremony then eat  . I also want to pass the word around that in leu of gifts we would want everyone to try to rent a room and spend the evening dancing and hanging out in the resort tavern. So my questions   what are afternoon receptions like?  what can i do at the reception to make up for lack of entertainment? And is it bad etiquette to not provide entertainment but ask everyone to meet up later that night?? i know very untraditional any suggestions and feedback will help!

Re: Suggestions!

  • We had our ceremony at 10:30 am and our reception began @ 11 - with one hour of cocktails then the meal @ 12.  Our venue required us to be closing up @ 4, and gone by 5 when they opened as a restaurant.  Honestly, we were grateful to be done for the day by 5 pm.  We went back to our hotel, with our kids, my DD took a nap, my DS joined us in the pool, we ate pizza together for a late dinner @ 7.  It was fun, low key and relaxing. 

    My questions for you: Are you serving a meal? 
    Who will be the master of ceremonies to keep the event moving?
    Since your intention is  to go from an afternoon event to keeping people into the evening to dance, are you feeding them then as well?  Are they "on their own"? 
    Is there a break in the festivities?  How will this be handled?
    Will people who cannot or choose not to stay feel left out?  Are you inviting work colleagues? 

    This could be fun, but it could be really awkward, depending on how you handle it.  I'd love to hear your vision. ~Donna
  • Honestly I dont have a vision! I just thought of it and havent really worked out any of the details...I just found out that there is a two night minimum for the guests at the resort and that is to much to ask anyone anyway,,,,,But no coworkers just close family and friends so i dont think it would be to awkward..
    Anyway back to the drawing board!!!
    What did you do for ur afternooon wedding???
  • Pretty traditional.  DJ, open bar, dinner, dancing, cake cutting, buh-bye!  Our DJ had worked with the venue on many occasions, so he knew the drill and herded the guests out the door as required. 

    The one thing we did that I really liked, because my kids were teens, was a teen table.  They got special snacks (in part to keep 14 y.o. DS from grabbing trays of hors d'oeurvres), pitchers of sodas (to keep them away from the bar) and while they all ordered from the adult menu there was a chicken fingers & fries option in case of picky eaters.   The littler kids ended up with that meal option.  My kids were all about the surf & turf!  ~Donna

    P.S.  If you just got engaged-- don't sweat the minor details yet.  Try to work on that vision first.  What mood do you see at your wedding?  Elegant & formal celebration?  Really awesome party?  Upscale and high end?  Down home?  Once you get that thing going, you can do things like choose the venue, the menu, the schedule, etc.  Don't get hung up on the venue, just because it's where you got engaged.  Keep an open mind.  ~D.
  • Could you have the wedding and reception somewhere else and then you, your FI and the kids (unless you want to have a traditional honeymoon) go to the resort for a few nights as a mini vacation? 
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