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Unsure of which way to go....

I recently got engage- my fiance and I have been living together for about a year and we are planning on buying a house. I was married before, but it was a quick wedding (I was pregnant) and an even faster marriage (divorced before a year). My fiance has never been married before and his family is so excited for us.... my family- not so much. They don't approve of us living together and want us to do something small and simple (and quick) instead of having a big wedding. We are paying for it and I feel like I want to have a big beautiful wedding because I finally found the man of my dreams and I want to celebrate. But party of me feels badly because I've already done all of this before and I worry what people will think.... Opinions??

Re: Unsure of which way to go....

  • The style/flow/feel of your wedding is up to you and your fiance.  It is not up to anyone else.  This is your first time marrying this man, right?  If so, you have not done all of this before.  What do you have to feel bad about?

    You chose to move in with your fiance prior to marriage knowing it would not meet with your parents approval, right?  So, that's old news.  Move on.

    No one will ever be as excited about your wedding and marriage as you and your fiance will be.  That is not meant to be harsh; it's just the way it is. 

    Make your plans, let your parents know as soon as you've chosen a date and then only discuss it with them when/if they ask.  Give your parents their invitation personally -- perhaps invite them to dinner -- and have the wedding of your dreams. Good luck!
  • Have the wedding you want to have.  If you and FI are paying for it, then you two are the only ones who get a say!!
    Mom of 4....and Sept 2013 BRIDE!!!!
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