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Guess what we got for New Years!!!!

We found out that my fiance is very possibly the father of a 20 year old boy! Thank you facebook for all the joy you bring. A woman he slept with 20 years ago got in touch with him through facebook and said I want nothing from you but I am in AA and have to make my ammends. I had your child but my husband and i raised him as our own now that he and i are divorced and I am working my steps I feel that I must tell you this.

I am not mad I just have to say I just keep shaking my head. Oh joy we have all made mistakes when we were younger but really 20 years later geesh!

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your new year!!!

Re: Guess what we got for New Years!!!!

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    Wow Pamila! Kind of an "out of the blue" newsflash!

    My experience: My son is going to be 23 in February; his father knew about him, paid child support religiously for 18 years, and only met him once. My son got a full ride to college based on scholastics, and is a great young man. His father has shown no interest in any sort of relationship, although I think my son would have welcomed it, and still would.

    Wait until the dust settles, and your fiance can best guage  how to proceed. If this is in fact his son, he can be as involved, or uninvolved as he chooses. From what I've seen with my son, if your fiance wants to be involved, support him. Life throws us all sorts of curves, and usually the ones you think are the worst end up being blessings in disguise.

    Good luck

    OT: this is why I do not have any social network pages, ie Facebook or Myspace. I prefer to be anonymous to the world!
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    Thank you very much for your support. If he is indeed his son. I am totally going to support him getting to know him even suggested him flying him out for the wedding. Just a bit shocking is all. He didn't know about him and he is really torn up about him. He misses his other children that are also out of state. Just another one for him to be sad about. Atleast he is 20 and he can make his own decision on if he wants to be a part of his dads life. If I were to only go off of pictures the boy is his. He is doing well and going to college. Seems like he has his head on straight so we shall see.
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    Wow what craziness some people are? Happy new Years Pam! Guess what our Attorney called and said that his ex is okaying a visitation for Jan 12th. I hope that she doesn't pull another fast one.
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    That is amazing Jeanni!!!!! Good luck !!!I know we just found his daughter and now look a suprise new son! Oh well its life roll with it.
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