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    You are not obligated to do anything. It's your wedding do what you want. Bridesmaids are meant to be the people closest to you, not necessarily your siblings. If you're not super close with your SIL then don't put her in. If your brother gets upset, he needs to grow up.
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    You're not required to have anyone, reguardless of family status, in your wedding. Most normal people can see the differences between relationships. 
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    First off - congrats on getting engaged!

    Its your bridal party. Choose who you are closest with and want to stand up there with you on your day.

    I'm sure I won't be the only one to say this - but your wedding isn't until March of 2014. Don't ask anyone yet. Its too soon. Relationships change.

    I asked my girls within two weeks of being engaged and it caused some major unnecessary drama. I wish now I had listened to the other members on here and waited. I could have saved myself a major headache.
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    Congrats on your engagement! Ditto everything above. You only need to have people you are closest to in your wedding party, and don't pick them this soon!
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    You can choose whomever you want, but I suggest you wait a few months as your wedding is not until March 2014.
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    My advice, from experience, is not to pick your bridesmaids sooner than it takes to get them fitted and order their dresses in time for the wedding because relationships can change in what seems like an instant.  Not saying your friendship with your FSIL will fade, just as a precaution.  And sometimes even the people who are closest to you and know you best, dont have the same sense of planning you might have.

    Also, you are not required to have siblings as your bridal party. My Fiance and I are just because he only has one brother and I have one sister (and 2 bros but they are younger and will be ushers). 

    Choose the people you know have your back, who wont take it the wrong way if you are picky or adamant on a specific detail.  Pick people who will be genuinely happy for you and not jealous that you're happy, or get cranky because you cant stop talking about your wedding. You should be excited and they should be excited with you!  Also, try to pick people who will get along with each other, or at least be able to prentend that they are. :)
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