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Are you doing anything special for your MOH to make her stand out?

My sister is my MOH for my wedding next summer and I am her MOH for her wedding THIS summer. I am planning on making her stand out, not sure exactly how... definitely a bigger bouquet perhaps even a different dress. What are some other things I can do to put some focus on her (and take some off me. I HATE being the center of attention)?

Thanks ladies! Sorry if this was an intrusion- I'm new here. :)
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Re: Are you doing anything special for your MOH to make her stand out?

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    She will be standing out for the simple fact that she IS your MOH....and yes, maybe a bouquet with more color to it or a different dress would definitely work.  My sister was also my MOH and vice versa and her dress was slightly different than the BM's.


  • My sister was my MOH.  She stood closest too me and her dress was a lighter color than the others.  We didn't plan it this way, but we wound up with complimentary hair styles.  It was completely unplanned and unintended but it was another little touch.

  • I've seen different boquets, different dresses, a sash, a headband... anything really
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  • I have 2 MOHs.  One is wearing a black mini jacket over her dress and the other is wearing a wrap that came with the dress.  We're making our own flower bouquets and I plan to get some fabric to wrap them in that is unique to each girl.

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  • All of my maids will be wearing different dresses. My Maid of Honor will be in a different fabric. Thus far, that's the only way she'll be different. I don't want too many things going on with their looks.
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    All of my BM's and MOH are in different dresses. We got MOH different colored jewlery from the rest of the girls, but thats it. She will be right next to me so everyone will know who she is.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Are you doing anything special for your MOH to make her stand out?</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>Mine had a penis.</strong> Seriously though, we didn't do anything to make him or the best man stand out.  They wore the same tuxes and same bouts.  They just stood closest to us on each side.
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    I choked on my water. LMAO
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