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Need help finding poem/reading from daughter to mother

My Mom means the world to me & is definitely my best friend. She has done SO very much throughout my life and now is basically giving me the moon for my wedding. I want to go over and beyond for her to show all my appreciation so she is walking me down the aisle, we're giving her a rose during the ceremony and I'll have a special dance with her but I still want to give her a special toast during the reception. I have been searching and searching but can't find anything I like in terms of readings, toasts, or poems that would be fitting. I am not the best at writing my own - anyone know of a website(s) that can help me out on this??

Re: Need help finding poem/reading from daughter to mother

  • I'm sure you could find a lot of options online but here's a few quick links to help get you started:

    Good luck!
  • have you looked into maybe reading song lyrics (poems, basically).
    Some suggestions.
    "to be a woman"
    Someboyd's Hero - Jamie O'Neal (specifically the second verse/chorus run, about mom on her daughter's wedding day)
    Praying for a miracle!
  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    I'm a recent MOB. You're sweet to want to recognize your mother. A handwritten letter from you in your own words, no matter how simple, will mean more to your mom than a public reading of someone else's work. You could thank your mom for giving you a wedding that goes way beyond your expectation. Add in a memory from your childhood and let her know that you know she was always there for you. Give the letter to your her, privately. Trust me, your mom will treasure that letter forever.

    If there is a MOG, her son should give her a rose, too. Treat both moms equally, even if they aren't contributing equally. You don't want to embarrass his mom in front of your families.

  • ditto Marie - I think it's sweet you want to make such a statement to your mom, but the day is about you marrying your husband.  Give both moms roses, give her a heartfelt note in private.  I'd find it a little awkward for there to be a toast just to the MOB.  mentioning her in a welcome/thank you speech as the host definitely okay.  if you're going to spend a significant amount of time thanking her for raising you I think the groom's parents should also be mentioned. 
  • Thanks ladies! I have time, so I will get my own words down and give to her. It was excellent to hear from a MOB, thank you. I had already planned on giving roses to both Mothers for sure!
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