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  I am the MOH for my best friends wedding next May.  We have known each other our entire lives and she is more like a sister than just a friend.  My problem is that she lives in NYC and I am in NC.  We have always talked about our weddings and wanted each other to be involved in each others wedding planning so being so far away is killing me right now.  I wasn't there when she tried on wedding dresses though I did get picture texts while she tried them on and I know I am going to miss more. I don't have a lot of extra income to travel a lot and I will be student teaching in the fall which will make traveling north even more difficult.  Its not always easy to get a hold of her because of her job so I am looking for any advice on how I could still be an involved MOH even with the distance between us.

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  • If you want to help out with finding vendors you can offer to make phone calls or do internet searches.  Other than that, there's really not much you can do.
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  • I wouldn't worry about the details.  It's nice to offer, but not necessary and she shouldn't be expecting it either.  All of my BMs are half way across the country, but I'm managing!  ;)  I know it is kind of a bummer to miss out on some things, but it seems like she is trying to involve you already.  If you guys have a hard time with phone tag, see if email or FB messaging works better so you don't have to be on the same exact schedule.  Just be there for moral support and help with things you can.  Will you be assisting/traveling for a bachelorette party or bridal shower?  Use that as an opportunity to flex your helping muscles.  And then just be there on her wedding day!  That's the most important thing!

  • My sister is my MOH and she feels the same way you do. She is really bummed that she cant travel here to throw my shower/ bachelorette etc. Just being an ear for her to vent to/ talk to is the most important thing. I know its hard to find time to talk but if you can make a skype date once a week would help. Ask her if there is any DIY projects she would be willing to let go of control over and let you help? Or at least give you her design idea and let you help. (table name cards, favor boxes, guest book )
  • Can you keep in touch about the little details via email?  Or share a Pinterest board with ideas?  I am managing well without constant MOH help, but we do like to get together to share frustrations (she just got married) about what we're going through with planning, you two could do that via email.  Just see what works for you two!
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