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MOB in short dress MOG in long?

MOB (me) has bought a lovely knee length dress very appropriate for the wedding. The MOG bought a long dress because she had knee surgery and feels she should cover up. The BM's are wearing long. The MOG knew the MOB had bought a short dress but bought the long for obvious reasons. So question is now - should MOB wear a long dress as well? The bride says it doesn't matter but wouldn't the pictures look funny and everyone wonder why the MOB is in a short dress? The wedding is not "that" formal but the bride is in a knock out gorgeous expensive dress. In the beginning the bride wanted the BM's to wear short dresses and that is why MOB (me) bought the short dress. Now I'm very worried with only 3 months to go.

Re: MOB in short dress MOG in long?

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    I think you're fine.  Wear what makes you feel great and have a wonderful time!  Please don't be worried.  No-one will bat an eye, promise.
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    I agree with PPs.  Don't worry about it, no one will notice except to say that you look fabulous!
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    I think that 30 years ago the moms were supposed to coordinate, but most don't do that anymore. As long as you are comfortable and pretty, that is what matters.
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    It really doesn't matter
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    My dress as the MOB is short.  The groom's mom has yet to make a purchase.  The length and color are a non-issue for all concerned.  I cannot imagine we will be together in any formal pictures, and honestly, even if we were, we would both consider it to be a non-issue. 

    You say your dress is lovely and appropriate.  There seems to be no reason to change it.  Wear what you love.
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    The MOB and MOG should each pick a dress that suits their own individual style. They do not have to match or complement each other or the wedding party in either length or color. The important thing is that you both found dresses that you love.

    Wear the beautiful dress that you have bought and have a wonderful time at your daughter's wedding.
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    wow, thanks guys! I've been really worried about this. The dress I bought is VERY expensive, not to mention the shoes and jewelry as well. Just the thought of going through that hunt again is exhausting. Truly I was concerned it would look like I was breaking with tradition and not following the rules by wearing short while the entire bridal party and MOG was in long.
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    My daughter recently got married. She wore a beautiful long, satin ballgown. Her BM wore short, satin dresses. The wedding was in a Catholic church and the reception was outdoors during the day. I wanted to wear a long dress because I really hate my legs, but I wanted a chiffon dress. I felt since I was wearing a long dress- satin might be too heavy and hot for outdoors. The chiffon was perfect! I bought what I loved and no one noticed that I was in a different fabric, length, etc. Everyone just said I looked beautiful!
    Wear your gorgeous dress and be a beautiful MOB!
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    I shopped today for a long dress, just in case I saw something I loved. I didn't. My short dress is perfect for me but I still feel like I will be different than the rest of the bridal party. I also know in a group picture, I will be the only female with legs showing!!
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    Stand in the back ; )

    Honestly, there probably won't be any pictures of both moms and the bridesmaids together. There will probably be a picture of the b & g with her parents and the b & g  with his parents.

    I looked in my own ancient wedding album to confirm. Not one picture of the MOB and MOG together and no pictures of the moms with the wedding party.
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    A bit late coming into this but:

    I second that it definitely doesn't matter. As long as you feel good about how you look in the dress, that's all that matters.

    You won't be the only guest attending with a 'less than floor length' dress; you will not look like the odd one out.
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    who the f cares?  it's a DRESS.  I guarantee no one is going to be like "did you seeee the MOB in a SHORT dress?!  Oh my"
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:357Discussion:0add9346-67f2-4036-a682-69ce2c815fdcPost:a1de0a0d-3d57-4627-b098-117d9753a949">Re: MOB in short dress MOG in long?</a>:
    [QUOTE]who the f cares?  it's a DRESS.  I guarantee no one is going to be like "did you seeee the MOB in a SHORT dress?!  Oh my"
    Posted by SugarBrideOct10[/QUOTE]

    This post sounds a bit rude, really.  She was just asking a question.
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    I don't think it matters. Just don't do what my friends MOG did and wear a puffy wedding dress as your MOG dress....


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    My Mum will be in a knee length dress and FI's Mum in a long dress, and I honestly hadn't even thought about it being an issue. As long as both Mums feel comfortable in what they're wearing that's all that matters.
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    Whatever you feel beautiful one will notice a thing.  I promise.
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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