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first time being a maid of honor,please help!!!

My best friend is getting married in april. I have to throw her a bacholerette party. She doesnt like clubbing, or strippers or drag shows. But i want to do something over the top. She has traveled and like theater. So i was thinking either white water rafting and staying at a cabin, dinner and a show in boston or new york,or having a slumber party at a hotel.i was thinking a limo for whatever .there is probably gonna be about ten girls and everyone has a budget but i wanna go all the way. If anyone has any recommendations of good places to go,good prices ,ideas for decorations also. She loves red sox. And most bachelorette decorations are pink and she hates pink.i am open to any ideas for good prices and i am from rhode island.

Re: first time being a maid of honor,please help!!!

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    No, you don't HAVE to throw her a bachelorette party. You can if you want, but you don't have to. And you don't have to have "bachelorette" decorations. Are you talking about like the sashes and things? You're right that many of them are pink, so if you want those, you will have to either look for them in different colors or skip them. Also, you say the other girls have a budget but you want to go all out. Just keep in mind that you could end up footing a large bill if that is the case; nobody is required to contribute to this. 

    I would post your questions on your local board (links to the left) so people from the area can give you more specific ideas of places to go. 
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  • I also live in RI. You could look into Lazer Gate in Fall River MA, or SkyZone in Braintree MA. Both are "active" ways to spend the day, and are not very expensive. Also, doing a classy wine tasting/tour is not very expensive.
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    Ask the bride for suggestions (unless this is a surprise).
  • ditto NYC to ask the bride's opinion - you can still leave the final decision a surprise, but it would be good to know what she'd like.  Your general description could fit me and a huge over the top b-party would not have sat well with me. I would have felt guilty about people spending a ton of money on me (and it sounds like most of your ideas would require travel/hotels) and I know several of my friends would have had to opt out for that kind of cost and I would much rather have all my best gals with me than do something pricey.

    BUT if the bride's on-board and the other girls are okay with the cost then I think any of those ideas would be fun.  Just be sure to ask each girl individually "how much are you comfortable spending?"  and NOT "can you spend $XX" (since that pushes them to say yes even if it's outside their comfort zome.)
  • I second Justsayyes with the Red Sox game idea. I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding in May and she was a huge Red Sox fan so we suprised her with a trip to Boston for a game. We invited all of her close friends and everyone had a blast! We made baseball shirts in her wedding color that read "___'s Last at Bat". We bought cheap standing room tickets which allow you to pretty much walk around the stadium and set up shop around the bars, which works out well since not everyone will want to watch the game anyway! We ended up meeting a bachelor party at the game with the same idea and teamed up for some post game boston bar hopping! It was a ton of fun. We all stayed the night in a hotel because most of us, bride included are from NY/NJ. It was a lot of fun but didn't include any of the typical stripper type bachelorette activities, which she would have hated.

    You can get relatively cheap standing room tickets to games - I think around $35 and if you find a cheap hotel room that you split between a bunch of you it's not terribly expensive for everyone. 

    Instead of the typical bride sashes and things like that we made something that was unique to our friend. She has this weird obsession with vikings (its a running joke) and we made her wear a viking helmet that we attached a veil to at the game! It was a big hit amongst the druken baseball fans and lead to some great picture opportunities! Maybe you can come up with something that is unique to your friend. Good Luck with you MOH duties!!
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