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I cant take my FMIL any more!

First she wanted nothing to do with the wedding, only to show up. Fine, my parents were planning on paying for the wedding and what ever else came up any way. She Then Demanded that his brother be the Best Man and that we put FSIL (who has made it clear she hates me and spreads lies about me every chance she gets) as a BM. She even asked her. I caved and agreed, wanting to keep the peace in the family. Then she was mad because she didnt know all the details of the wedding (she flat out told me she didnt want to help with anything). Then FI came home one day from his parents house and told me his mom wanted us to come  over to discuss tuxes because she didnt like that we picked chocolate tuxes. We went and I showed her the color swatches and explained that FI doesnt tan well and brown is a warm color and would make him look less paisty. She insisted on Black. We are going with brown. She also asked what we wanted for rehersal. FI suggested a bbq. She said no because they didnt have enough room. I suggested either having it at the park across from their house or we could have it at my families cabin. She said it was her rehersal dinner and she doesnt want it at some backwood cabin. Um it's a lake house and not backwoods at all. Now she is insisting that we spend Easter with her family out of town because FI hasnt seen his grandma since christmas. Usually it has been xmas eve at FI family and xmas day at mine, but this year FMIL threw a fit when we were at my parents and called FI every 10 minutes to come over to see grandma. I'm just sick of this woman and her guilt trips. Yes FI is her baby but he is 28!

Re: I cant take my FMIL any more!

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    I feel the same way! My FMIL started by saying that she will just show up but now she has changed her tune to not showing up at all! I talked with my FI and we decided that if she doesn't show up, then he is done with her. She is super controling and is constantly negative about our whole relationship. I love my Fiance or I wouldn't put up with her bs. As of right now I hope she doesn't come but I know that would hurt my Fiance. PS I love how the rehersal dinner is also called the Groom's dinner but the Groom gets zero say in the dinner...
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