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"Reality" moment!

I had one of those "moments of realization" on Saturday. I went to buy wrapping paper for my daughter's shower gift. Standing in front of the gift wrap display racks, I suddenly realized what I was doing: buying wrapping paper for MY DAUGHTER'S BRIDAL SHOWER!!! ACK! Cue the tears. This moment hit me there in the gift wrap aisle-not in the bridal shop when she tried on her gown... LOL. Go figure. So when did it 'hit' you? Did you cry on the wedding day?

Re: "Reality" moment!

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    I'm not sure it ever really "hit" me like others claim.  I do know that I was a grinning fool on her day.  I was so happy for her that I had a grin from ear to ear all day long.  Didn't shed one tear.
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    I got  "tears of joy" teary twice.  When she was sitting in the hair salon and they had just finished her hair and pinned her veil on.  She just looked so radiantly beautiful that I got weepy.And the only other time was when she was dancing with her dad.  They both looked so happy and at one point were giggling a little over a shared joke.  For me, it was such a joy to see the bond that DH has with our daughter:  his little girl.It's an amazingly wonderful time jbn:  I know you'll love it all!
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    I didn't get teary, but when my daughter found "the dress" I gasped.  I think that's when it hit me. We'll see as time progresses, she's not getting married until October.
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