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Re: Opinion of MOB dress please

  • BustamuchoBustamucho member
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    Sorry, no worky :(
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    it looks lovely, but as you said, top needs "something" GL
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    Pretty. Depends on the formality and location of teh wedding.
  • handfast4mehandfast4me member
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    I like it!  I can't wear that style, because I have a typical Celtic figure--broad shoulders and back, wide hips, and I'm a little on the heavy side (see pics)  But if you have the figure to wear it, go for it! I'm looking for dresses myself for my daughter's at home reception, and I may steal other people's ideas ;-)
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    I like it. Dressed up with some jewelry and you will look great!
  • dmac2002dmac2002 member
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    No, there's prettier dresses out there.
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    I prefer a long dress.  This one is very pretty, but doesn't exactly scream wedding to me. 
  • steffenfamsteffenfam member
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    I think a short dress is fine, but I would look for something a little "dressier" than this.
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    The dress itself is fine but as others have said, it just doesn't scream MOB to me. However, if you're happy with it, it will be fine. 
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    My opinion might be off.....MOB wearing a bridesmaids' gown here LOL. It's pretty but I don't know. With the pattern on the skirt you'll have to be SO careful with jewelry. It would be easy to cross the line into being too "busy". If you like jewelry, then I'd go with a solid color dress and play up the bling. If you're just doing the jewelry to dress up the top, I'd say find a dress with more on top instead and go with basic jewelry. All depends on your taste and body type though. If you like it, and makes you feel gorgeous, wear it!!
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