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How to include a step-father

My mother recently remarried (June of this year) and wants me to include her new husband in some way during my wedding.  I'm worried my dad, with whom I have a great relationship, will be offended if I include him in some major way.  Any ideas for how to include a step-father without offending dad?

Re: How to include a step-father

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    I haven't remarried, but I've been with someone for six years now and my daughter's the one who wanted him included.  Our church has a "family blessing" during the ceremony. Before she takes her vows, the family comes  up, the minister reads a blessing, we say yes. Sort of in place of "giving her away". Could you do something like that and have him up there with your mom? Include him in a receiving line if you're having one?
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    Well, he will be escorting your mom to her seat and if you intend to introduce your wedding party (including parents) at the reception, he can be introduced with her then.  Does your mom have anything particular in mind?It almost sounds as if she wants to use your wedding to announce to everyone that she has remarried.  Don't know if this is the case of not, just want immediately came to mind when I read your post.
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    He could do a reading (Bible, poem, whatever works for you.) Just buying him a boutoner might be enough to make mom happy. Discuss it with her.
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    I think it boils down to, do you want him involved in the wedding?  I really do not know what she means.  the major roles in a wedding are typically saved for the actual parents of the bride/groom & the wedding party. As someone else said, he can walk your mom down the aisle & be introduced with her. Your parents can each have their own head table. Beyond that, I realy don't know what she would be looking for.  Depending on your relationship, some people have both their dad and step dad walk them down the aisle or they do a dance with both, but if your mom just remarried, I don't see where that would be necessary to do or even fair to your own dad.
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