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Advice about MOB dress?

Hi I'm new to message boards but am hoping for some advice.  My mom is getting nervous about what she will wear to the wedding.  My fiance's parents are both deceased so she will be the only mom.  The bridesmaid dresses are cocktail length.  Our wedding will be formal in May, but I expect very few of the guests, if any, to wear long gowns.  My mom thinks that she should wear a long dress, and most of the MOB dresses we've seen are long, but she might feel awkward if she is the only person at the wedding in a long gown.  Maybe we're overthinking it, but can anyone offer some advice? Thanks!

Re: Advice about MOB dress?

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    Tell your mom to relax---you too! She can wear whatever she wants, and whatever makes her feel good herself, not good about what others will think. That's the most important. I'm a MOB but I'm we picked mine from the bridesmaids sections because I didn't like the MOB dresses, and it's strapless with black lace. Not a typical MOB dress, but  I look great. If she wants a long gown, go for it. Anything other than white is acceptable as long as she feels good and happy.Good luck, if you need anything else just give us a holler!
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    What she said!!!  I spent a lot of time stressing about what I was "supposed" to wear.  I finally found something pretty and spunky and looks like me!  I wanted to feel pretty, be comfortable, be able to sit and dance, and have fun!!!
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    She is the MOB in theory she should be the 2nd most lovely and formally dressed woman at a wedding behind the bride. Seriously if she likes a long gown she will not look wierd being formally dressed at her daughteres wedding
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    I'm surprised that your wedding is "formal" if the bridesmaids are wearing cocktail length dresses.  If she wears a long gown, she will probably be the only one  besides you.  It's up to her to decide if this will make her feel awkward.  If she doesn't care, she can go for it.I wore a long gown to my son's wedding but it was more formal, with the bridesmaids and the MOB also wearing a long gown.  For my daughter's wedding, I wore a cocktail length dress, just like the bridesmaids and MOG.  I would have felt awkward wearing a different length, but that's me.
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    At son and DIL's wedding, the WP wore knee length dresses. I wore floor length. Here was the conversation with my wonderful, fabulous DIL: Me: What would you like me to wear for the wedding? DIL: Whatever you feel beautiful and comfortable in. So I wore a dress I felt beautiful and comfortable in. And I had a wonderful day. Your mom should do the same.
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    You don't say what time of day the wedding will be but you did say formal.Men in tux = women in long dresses, tea length acceptable but not short.GL
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