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taking back my power!

Sent her an email saying that we're doing table assignments, like it or not. Said I'd be happy to print up pretty papers showing who goes where, and table cards as well. Not doing name cards, just a pretty sheet that will be set up next to the guest book. Let's see how this goes....

Re: taking back my power!

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    Wise move. If this helps: when we did DD's seating chart, I did it in word, used text blocks, added some clip art, and done.  Emailed it to Kinko's, picked it up the next morning, less than 10 bucks.  Put it in a frame from Michael's (40% off0 and used an easel I rented for 4 bucks to display it.
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    Like that, thanks
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    M just asked me if I thought there were any "must sit withs"  My former BF said she must sit with her son, daughter & their spouses.  After the wedding BF biitched that I didn't seat her with any "fun" people.  I can only assume that her kids and in laws are duds.M did the seating chart alone other than that.
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