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Can someone pass me the tanks and the thermos? Hey, thanks. Kidding. Things have actually smoothed out. Even I, control freak that I am, can't pick anything apart to see a problem. Arranged for all errands  to be done on Saturday, assignments given, I picked up my gown (boohoo knew I lost weight but apparently it was all in my boobs), my sister found a kick-ass gown--get this--at Goodwill for $10, found a shawl because I lived here too long and it's hitting 70 when the sun goes down so I get shivery cold, cleaning is getting done, shopping planned for Thursday w/sis & friend from Sweden, nail, hair, makeup all set. So I know we're tempting the fates here. Something has to happen, it's just the law of the universe. My canadian friend the witch will be here tomorrow and that will soothe any problems. Just have to warn a few people that they shouldn't shake her hand under any circumstances :-) She'll find things they don't want her to know. GREAT tool when I was dating. How's it going on your side Muffin?

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    Just stay on track and it will all go well.  Sounds like you have a good handle on everything.
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    Well....we have a new officiant, and my daughter is fine with him.  The carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow and a housecleaner is coming Thursday morning.  I need to do placecards yet and buy a few odds and ends.  We sucked it up and paid for the tent and heater...that way I know it will be 75 and sunny.  The thermos thing is working.  I'm planning to keep it up through the weekend!  I'm relaxing...with chemical intervention!More tomorrow!
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