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Did the front page say 3 days?

Ahhh....the end is in sight!Thoughts please. One of my dearest friends is taking care of a lot of "coordinator" duties for me. Running to the museum straight from the church to check everything (she even has sketches of what the tables look like). She's even taking tomorrow and Friday off to do whatever I need. Really good friend, right?I want to get her a gift. What do you think of a frame from Things Remembered with some thank-you engraved on it, and make sure the photographer gets a pic of just her with DD and FI?

Re: Did the front page say 3 days?

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    I like it, but what about a pic of the 4 of you?  I'm just thinking from a "friend's" point of view, if I'd rather have a pic of the two of us, me with the bride and groom, or the 4 of us?  Just thinking out loud. 
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    Like the idea of the four of us.....she's doing all this partly to save my a** if needed, but also because she truly loves my daughter, we're kind of her adopted family so my DD is her niece. The four of us would be nice then.
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    I think the idea of a picture of the four of you is great but since this is your good friend, you need to return the favor and get your friend her own crazy straw.
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    Oh, she's getting a private bottle at the bar! Open bar is beer and wine, but we can bring it anything else we want. She gets her own special Three Olives Cherry Vodka. And I'll give the bartender her straw when she goes up for her first drink.
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