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In all seriousness, I just want to wish you both the same extraordinary experience I've had with my girls when they got married.  Lucky for you I can't really put it into words because we all know how wordy I can get.Their wedding days have been beyond special between us and the experience was far more than I could ever ask for.  I wish the same for both of - I know there have been some rough patches in all of this for you and I am just hoping that these next couple of days are a wake up call for your DD so she can see all you have done for her. My very best to you both.

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    ditto kmm. My DD's wedding day and my son's wedding day were among the truly wonderful experiences as a parent that I've had. I hope evrything goes beautifully for you, and that you have wonderful memories that you'll carry with you!
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     Your shoulders and krazy straws have been invaluable throughout and I can't thank you enough.Let you know sometime next week how it turned out!!Hey, mm? Best wishes to you, I hope it's wonderful and happy and everything you (and your DD) hoped for.  
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    My wish for both of you is that you have absolutely wonderful, fantastic, fun filled times this weekend at the weddings.  As other have said, seeing my daughter get married was one of the greatest joys of my life.
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    I echo the above sentiments.  I thoroughly enjoyed my son and daughter's wedding days and treasure the memories.  I hope the same for you.
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