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I'm trying to think of really nice gifts I can get for my FMIL and my mom. I'm just... so clueless.I'd also like to get something for FFIL, FMIL husband, and my dad. any ideas??

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    I bought my FMIL a duffel bag from Vera Bradley because she goes up north to their cottage on the weekends typically.  I bought my  mom a cute Beach bag and beach towel from Vera Bradley because my parents love to go out on their friends boat and hang by our pool. Fiance bought the dads engraved flasks.  It wasn't my favorite idea, but our dads hobbies were too expensive to get them anything related.  I wanted to give them a card and say that we will make them a wedding album once the pics come back, but FI didn't like that, so we will make them one for christmas.
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    Have you tried Things Remembered? They have really nice family gifts. We got a "family tree" for my daughter's wedding---it's a silver tree with photo charms shaped as leaves, room for 36 photos. And of course, all their things are engravable. They have two styles, one is $45, the other is $50. But other stuff too.
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