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Last night I just saw my FMIL's dress choices for the wedding and rehearsal dinner. I love her dress for the wedding but her rehearsal dress is the same as what my step mother picked out for the wedding. I told her this and she gave no indication that she plans to change her rehearsal dinner choice. I love my dress and I want all the moms to feel the same way about their dresses. It doesn't bother me if they have the same dress, they are wearing it different nights. I am just not sure they will feel the same way about it (step-mom doesn't know yet). I really don't want to be in the middle of this and I was curious if anyone from an outside perspective had any tips on how best to address this issue? I had this post in another place and I was told you ladies might have some good advice.

Re: Same Mom dresses

  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    I would want to know if this situation came up so I think you should let your step mother know.  She can act or not act.I think if you knew and didn't tell her, she would have reson to be angry with you.  inform and then step out of the picture. 
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    I'm with OOT. Tell her and leave the ultimate decision up to her. The only way you'll be involved is if you involve yourself. Tell her then step back.
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    Ditto the wise OOT.  Make the information known and step out of it.
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    I agree with the three previous opinions and would only add that as the hostess for the rehersal dinner that your FMIL gets to wear what she wants. So it would probably be up to your step mom to buy another dress if it bothers her. Of course that is assuming that your mom is still in the picture and your step mom is not hosting the wedding. Let us know how it turns out.
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    My mom still is in the picture and I was always planning on telling step-mom about the situation. I just thought I'd get some insight from others before breaking the news. I could be worried about nothing I just know neither of them are really the dress type so I was so thrilled when they found things they liked so quickly. I agree that FMIL gets top priority in this case. Thanks ladies.
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    Know I wouldn't care even if it was the wedding day---"did you call each other" jokes---but definitely let her know. Shouldn't be an issue.
  • TruchanaTruchana member
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    I would let step mom know for sure.  I'd still say your own mom and his mom get top billing in pickin out their dresses, and then step mom, but maybe she won't even care.  If anything, i might be a little worried for both of them, cause either the FMIL is going to be way over dressed for the RD, or step mom is going to be way under dressed for the wedding.
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    I agree with Truchana! Good luck.
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