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Morning! Anybody here?

Awake, bored, who's here?

Re: Morning! Anybody here?

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    Working, bored, here, hungry.  'Bout sums it up.Do you still have the farting dog or has DD taken him to his new home?
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    That's not me, I think that's Muffin. I woke up too early. Had a weird dream-state. Went out to living room around 230 craving a cigarette. When I went back to bed, I woke SO up to ask "Where's Mom" believing for some reason that she should have been here.
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    Hey y'all...running around today as I am headed to Nashville on Monday afternoon for a week of Sweet Adelines International Convention/Competition.  My FAVORITE thing every year :)  I have been a Sweet Adeline since I am a giant addict. The giant farting greyhound, otherwise known as Kian, is with wy daughter and her new husband in their house.  She is in cancun, and I PAID a young man to house sit for her so that he could stay at his own home and not have to come to mine :)  Totally worth the 25.00 a day. Other than that, I am waiting IMPATIENTLY for the pictures and video.  At this point it looks like I won't see them til I get back.  POO!!!! How's everyone else???
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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