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Wow!  It's quiet in here!  I am back from Nashville.  I had a wonderful time with roughly 8,000 other women...all singing everywhere we went.  It is my favorite thing!Still no photos.  I am climbing the walls waiting!  I just hope there is one of me where they managed to make me look good...I take horrible candid picture :)What is everyone else up to?
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    Monday morning--sorry, I didn't see your post until now.  We're getting ready for Samhain (Halloween to most).  We'll do a quick ritual (worship service, sorta) on Friday evening, and have a lot of final decorations to do on Saturday.  All of the animatronics go out on the day of--so as not to tempt those who would like to walk off with them.  Yesterday DH spent a couple of hours finishing up the gravesite in our front yard, culminating in a skull on a pike with blood oozing out of the skull and down the stick.  It looks awesome.  He also constructed a HUGE spiderweb, to put the two new additions to our display--a skeleton wrapped as if a giant spider has captured it, along with a smaller "coccoon", just about 3 year old size.   LOL!  You gotta work to get candy at my house if you're a trick or treater.
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