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Both my mother and my FMIL dresses are the same exact shade! (plum)and ALMOST the same style! It wasn't planned it just worked out that way. I saw my mom's dress first and then my FMIL's and I told her that it was almost just like my mom's and she was all worried that my mom would be offended but I reassured her that she wouldn't Both FI and I thought this was just priceless! We love it.

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    So nice to see a bride who isn't bent out of shape about the color of the moms' dresses!let me tell you what priceless is:  My wonderful MIL passed away several years ago.  I buy a black and white pants suit for the funeral.  DH's ex-w attends the funeral to pay her respects as my MIL always maintained a cordial relationship with her for the granddaughters.  Guess what DH's ex is wearing to the funeral?  My EXACT black and white pantsuit!  His brothers gave me crap for that all day.Have a great day.
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    Now THATS priceless!   LOLOL!
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    When my DD got married, her MIL and I ended up wearing dresses that were different but looked almost the same- similar color, style. etc. She was concerned and I told her that obviously we both have great taste! We both looked great in our dresses and NO one said a word, except to complement us!
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    There are so many more important things...good for you that you are able to see the bigger picture!Wink
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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