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**Maggie or Retread**


I tried contacting Knot Jennifer to become the mod of the South New Jersey board.  Our mod there has been MIA for years.  I have not heard anything back from her.  We are starting to get an influx of recently engaged brides as well.

Could either one of you try to page her on the Mod board and ask that she contact me about the modship at the South New Jersey board. 

I'd greatly appreciate it!  Thanks!

Re: **Maggie or Retread**

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    TK at its best, as usual!  Thanks for trying!
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    I hate to admit it but I don't even know where to go find the mod board.  I figured that when I was made a mod it would appear over on the left for me but no such luck.

    Retread - do you know where the link is suppose to be?

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