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So my mother actually fell in love with a dress when we were shopping for my bridal gown.  It is a little early to order it so she hasn't.  The dress is a silver/smoke color. Which is one of my accent colors.  Now my mom absolutely DOES NOT want to match my step mom. Cool. No problem. I understand her concern.  So my step mom is thinking about wearing brown. Another one of my accent colors. Awesome...But people are telling me they should match. And I know the answer to this is it doesnt matter they can wear what they want. My concern is my FI moms.  we are out of accent colors lol.  My main colors are a light ice blue, brown, silver, and white/crystal.  So FI and I are taking his mother shopping for her dress because she is unable to do so on her own, and we have to make most decisions for her.  So my question is, i know they don't have to match my parents, and also may wear whatever. But Brown and silver are the main colors easy to find mother dresses in. I have not talked to my mom about matching. But would it be awkward/weird that my FI moms matched my mom or my step mom. or both. Not everyone knows my family or the other sides of my family. So will peopl assume that FI mom and my mom are MY parents vs. one his and one mine??

thoughts, opinions, ideas as to what colors we could go with?
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Re: Mother Dresses

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    No one will guesstimate who belongs with whom based on the color of their clothing.  The moms do not have to wear anything matching your wedding colors, either.
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    I am aware that they do not have to wear anything matching our wedding. However, as i said before my FI mother is unable to make her own decisions and is living in an assisted living because she can not take care of herself. So FI and I will be buying her dress and picking it out. we will have her try it on of course and she will say if she likes it or not. But if I am picking it out i figure i would tend to stay with the colors just because thats natural for me
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     I agree that the colors of off the rack dresses are sometimes more limited for middle aged women than they are for 20 and 30 somethings. But there are colors other than brown and silver out there. When you shop for your fmil, don't worry about what the other moms are wearing or you wedding colors. Just find a color that she likes. No one will think she is from your side of the family if she is wearing the same color as your mom or stepmom.
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