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Too inappropriate??

I really wanted to surprise my mother with a Mother/Daughter dance because she is my VERY best friend and means SO much to me. I wanted to do footprints in the sand by leona lewis but part of me wonders if it is too unhappy? What are your thoughts?? I picked this becase we have been through so much as a family and she has never let me down. Also, the day we bought my wedding dress it came on when we got in the car and she started balling and smiling.  Please let me know if you think it may be too unhappy to have played??

Re: Too inappropriate??

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    From an MOB, this is an uplifting song.

    Do I think you and your mom are going to ball your eyes out? Yes, but they will be happy tears. You should play it because it means something to you and your mom. I think your mom will love it.
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    Oh no, I meant bawl, not ball : )  Thanks CMGr.
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    I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart I have the knot in my throat and tears going down my face for thus wonderful song. I have never heard it before and I've been trying to find a Daddy/Daughter I know that its supposed to be father/daughter but my father passed away that would be perfect and well that's TOTALLY it!!
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