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I know that there is no tactful way to do this but I’m in a bind. Background: Have been going to this church all our lives the members are our family. It is a small congregation about 150. We sent an invitation to every member to attend the wedding with RSVP to be back no later than Oct. 1st.We have received maybe 10 stating that they will be attending. Today I asked a few people about the RSVP and the response from each was “You know we would never miss her wedding, we just assumed that you knew we were attending”Ok so here is the question we have a church e-mail message board that I want to put a reminder that RSVP’S really need to be mailed back. At $15.00 a person the caterers needs a count, and I need to know.Please help me with the wording.


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    It's not October 1st yet. Give it some time.

    When the RSVP date has passed I would just call whomever hasn't responded and ask. You get the answer right away.
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    Ditto blush.  Wait a few days after Oct 1 to start contacting people.  Some guests won't put the RSVP into the mail until the deadline, so give it some time to get to you.
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    Since you have invited every member of your church, it should be okay to post a reminder on the message board. You will have to follow up, by phone, with those that still don't respond. Good luck.
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    [QUOTE]You got some good answers on Etiquette, too.
    Posted by edielaura[/QUOTE]

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    Yeah I'm in the same boat my rsvp date was sept 26th, and have maybe half back, I even facebooked some friends (privately) and asked if they were coming and STILL haven't heard from them.  It is rather annoying so I feel for ya.
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