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Where to find plus size MOB dress?!

Hi there!

I am getting married in April.  We are looking for an MOB dress for my mom.  You know, the typical fancy dress with a matching jacket.  My mother is a size 26. 

Department stores and David's Bridal only go up to 24, so we struck out there.  We have tried the usual "larger" lady stores (Catherine's, Lane Bryant, Roaman's Catalogue, Ashley Stewart, Dress Barn, Fashion Bug, Sydney's Closet) to no avail.

Can anyone suggest a store, website, or catalog for very plus size women?  (I say "very" plus sized because many places only go up to 24 for plus size sizes, and my mother needs a 26.  In a large lady specialty store, she may be able to do a 24, as they tend to size their clothes a size larger, so their 24 is equal to a real world 26.)

We live in Las Vegas, NV, if that matters, or anyone knows of any stores/boutiques, etc. that would cater to this population in this general area.

Ideally, the dress would be pink or purple, or incorporate those colors, as those are my wedding colors, and tea length, but we may have to take what we can get...

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

Re: Where to find plus size MOB dress?!

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    Have you googled it?

     Are there styles at larger stores, like Lane Bryant, that you can just order online from? Ordering online may be your best bet because sizes that are not very popular (lik xxs or 4x) rarely are ordered to stock the shelves with because they just sit there. Go back and try on some of the looser 24's to see if you like the silouette on her. I must say, though, a tea-length will likely do her no justice.

    good luck!
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    Did you look at the "Sonsi" line from Lane Bryant?

    I think this dress is nice.

    Nordstroms has quite a few.

    Did your mom try a 24W at DB? My MIL is normally a size 18 but fit in a 16W jersey dress.
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    Have you considered ordering on line? Just make sure you measure and read the return policy on formal wear. Try this link:

    If you're looking for a local store, post this on the local wedding boards, in the column on the left.
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    Thank you to everyone for your help!

    Sydaries - - We picked tea length because it can't be knee length or go above the knee at all, as she has varicose veins and doesn't want to wear pantyhose, and my wedding isn't SUPER formal, so we felt like floor length might be too dramatic/fancy.

    MCDA04 - -  We did try DB.  The 24 was tight in the tummy and not even close to being able to zip.  :(

    I know we looked in the store at Lane Bryant and online, and I don't know how we missed the Sonsi line!  I LOVE the dress you picked out, in the pinkberry color!   I have sent the link to my mom!

    Thank you all very much for your help and suggestions!   I really appreciate it!
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    My son just got married & I purchased a plus size dress online from SimplyBe. It's a company out of the UK, so it takes a bit longer to get than if it was Stateside, but they are very easy to work with. I ordered the dress in two different sizes & returned the one that didn't fit. As soon as they received the dress back I received credit for it. The one I kept fit beautifully, was comfortable, & I felt pretty in it. I believe your mom would be able to find something she loves from them.
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    Thanks much for the suggestions, CMGr and spardiniWed45993!!  My mom and I are working our way through all the websites!  We never know there were so many great sites with plus size clothing!  THANKS!
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    I am getting married in April and visited The Clothing Cove in Milford, MI. My mom is not a plus size but while we were there trying things on there were several plus size ladies trying outfits on and they had a bog selection. It might be worth the try.

    here is the site:

    Good luck
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    Thanks rachelmarie902.  LOTS of BEAUTIFUL options on that website!!!
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    I am from Wisconsin.  I am living in Las Vegas.  My retired mother is traveling between Las Vegas and Wisconsin frequently, so she can look for dresses in both Las Vegas and Wisconsin.

    My home has NEVER been listed as Michigan.  That is not accurate, and I would suggest you check the record again.  In fact, since creating my profile, I have NEVER updated my demographic information.

    I have edited the original post here MANY times; I make a lot of mistakes when I type.  I have had Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel surgeries but still do not have proper use of my fingers and thumbs.  I have not edited the post since the first day I posted.  Why don't you check the post history to confirm?  I was not aware that we were not able to edit our posts.  I would question why the edit feature is even available if we are criticized and accused for using it?

    I posted on the local boards per MairePoppy's suggestion on 3/07/2013 to get local suggestions.  Ideally, we would find an outfit in person and not have to order online, hence the reason for asking for local suggestions in both Las Vegas and Wisconsin.

    Did you even read my post on the Las Vegas local board???  "I am getting married in Las Vegas in April. " ... "We are temporarily living in Vegas, so we are looking in the Las Vegas area.  (We started our search in Milwaukee, WI where we are from.)"  The post CLEARLY explains that my mom and I are from WI and started our search in WI but are now expanding it to Las Vegas.

    RetreadBride - I think your post is very rude and snarky, and I would have appreciated a private message rather than attempting to shame me in public.  I think you have done an extremely poor job reviewing my posts and examining the situation prior to posting such disrespectful and aggressive things.

    To everyone else who responded to my post with suggestions, I really appreciate your responses.  I was astounded there were so many options for plus-size MOB dresses.  My mom and I have been scouring the websites and whereas before, we felt like we had to take what we could get, and were trying to find the less of all the evils, now, we almost have too many options to pick a favorite.  Thank you!
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    I maintain that it is inconsiderate to baselessly accuse me of being a "vendor troll" when you did, in my opinion, a very poor job evaluating the situation and even went so far as to make innacurate statements against me, such as that I had my home listed as Michigan. 

    My posts, especially the one on the Las Vegas board, CLEARLY explained my situation.

    Look at the join dates of the people who responded to my posts.  They are YEARS apart.  If everyone responding had joined on the same date, yes, I would agree that it would look suspicious; however, this is not the case. 

    If you are able to view the IP addresses of the posts, you will see that they are also different. 

    I'm grateful I am getting married in a month and will have no need to utilize need this website after then.  Really disappointing to see this is what the esteemed Knot website is all about.
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