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Stepmom and Corsage?

I am not very close to my Stepmom. In fact, we didn’t get along at all for YEARS. However, recently our relationship has become more cordial. We are still FAR from close, but we can carry on a polite conversation when needed. We only ever talk when we’re with my Dad, which is rare because my fiancé and I live in a different state than my Dad and Stepmom. My question is: do I get my Stepmom a corsage? If so, should it be the same one as my fiancés Mom and my Mom?

Re: Stepmom and Corsage?

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    I don't see any reason why you shouldn't.  My stepmom, mom, and FMIL are all getting the same corsage.
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    Yes and yes.
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    You should give her the same corsage as your mom and FMIL.  If nothing else it's a really nice gesture.
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    We're giving to all mom's: My mom, FMIL & FSMIL!
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    I am not doing a corsage for my stepmom. We are only doing flowers for those involved in the wedding ceremony and since she is not actually participating she will not get a corsage.  This rule is also going towards my own brother and future sis in law who are not in the wedding.  Mostly we just could barely afford our flowers for our small party let alone extras for those who aren't involved in the ceremony. 

    You can do whatever you want in the end & if you decide to go with a corsage for her I would do the same as your mom & future mom-in-laws.

    Best Wishes
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    I'd say yes but its your own personal preference. I am giving my step-mother a corsage even though we are not that close however my decision was based on the fact that my step-father has been in my life for 16 years as a father and he IS getting a boutonnier to match my mothers. Therefore I did it out of fairness and the fact that it would be obvious I omitted her on purpose.
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    If you give your mom and your FI's mom a corsage and not your step-mother it will be an obvious slight. Is it worth hurting someone feelings over a flower?

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    I think it would be a nice gesture to give her the same corsage as the other ladies so she feels included. 
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