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Gifts for MOH & MOB?

I'm so torn... I have chosen all my bridesmaid gifts (a necklace and a Coach Wristlet), but want to get something a little extra for my MOH.  I also want to get something nice for my mom... but have NO IDEA what to get either!

Any ideas!?

Re: Gifts for MOH & MOB?

  • FI and I decided that we're going to send flowers to each of our moms the morning of the wedding with a had written letter from each of us. We're also giving them a bracelet.

    You could think about getting your MOH a gift certificate somewhere she loves, something non-wedding related.
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    I'm an MOB. I would really love a framed picture of my daughter, her new husband, my husband and myself, on their wedding day. Otherwise, a gift is not neccessary.
  • My mother has always been a HUGE photo taker for my entire life. So, for my mother, I'm making her a book of photos of her and I together over the years. Shutterfly has amazing books that are easy to make, and you can personalize them like crazy. So, that's an option that would work for MOB and also your MOH (assuming you have lots of photos together).
    Other options, when I was married previously I got my mother a shadowbox that matched her bedroom colors with a place for a photo, a plaque with "family" engraved in it, etc.
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  • I make homemade/natural beauty products. If you would like to order something just go through my etsy shop:

    Good luck on your gift search!
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