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Hey all,

So I'm having my mom as my MOH because she is the one person I know I can always count on, and I consider her my best friend. Question though: When we do the photography shots as a wedding party, should she be in the shots too or what? My fiance and I each have three bridesmaids/groomsmen, his brother is his best man, and my mom is my maid of honor. Should she take pictures with the best man and be included in all that? And how should she walk down the aisle - with the best man?

Also, kind of rolling with the first question...I have another friend whom I have been close with for the past year or so as my roommate in college, but I'm not sure if I should include her as a bridesmaid. I am hesitant about it but feel bad because she told my other friend that she would be hurt if she wasn't a bridesmaid. It just feels like a sticky situation..I don't want to hurt her feelings because she IS my friend, and she actually lives with one of the other girls who is going to be a bridesmaid, but I'm just not sure I want her as a bridesmaid. How do I go about dealing with this? She is a close friend, but not as close as the other girls..I also don't want a big bridal party and I think 4 plus 2 junior bridesmaids is plenty. My fiance only has four guys he wants in his party as well and we want to keep it even. This whole thing is just stressing me out.

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    ditto Edie, on both counts.

    Add her if you want to add her, but if you didn't feel close enough to ask her in the first place I wouldn't add her now (especially since she lives with a BM, I'm guessing she knows the BP has already been picked).  As far as how to handle not picking her - you don't do anything.  Continue being her friend, try not to wedding-talk her to death and go on with your life
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    My mom was my MOH. She was in all the BP pictures.

    You don't have to have even sides. If you are close to her, then ask her to be a BM.
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