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Hey knotties!

I am getting married in Summer 2013 and have just started real wedding planning (we've been engaged for a year now).  I do not have any real close girl friends so I decided to ask my best guy friend to be my "Man of Honor."  There is no one I would rather spend the day with.  I am worried about my mom and sister's reaction to this however.  I have two younger sisters who I would like to include but I know they are too immature (will be 12 and 18) and we have never really seen eye to eye.  I don't think they will really understand everything and be there for me on the big day.  My mom has been wanting me to include them but I have been very hesitant and previously said I just wasn't going to have any bridesmaids in order to cut expenses and keep things simple.  But now, I don't know what to do.

How can I tell my mom and sisters that I have a Man of Honor and I don't want more bridesmaids? Is there another solution?

Kcarie Lynn

Re: Man of Honor

  • Tell them that you and FI want a small WP and you have both decided that you only want 1 attendant each and that you have chosen your BF to be your MOH.  If anything is said, explain that you never wanted anyone's feeling to get hurt and that this isn't anything personal at all, but it's important to you and FIthat you keep your WP small and simple.

    Hopefully, they will be understanding and remember, just b/c they are your sisters doesn't get them an auto-pass to be in your WP.


  • You don't have to explain to anyone why you are having who you are having, but it's a little early to be asking. I'm going to ask at the 1-year mark, and people around these parts will tell you even that is a little early.

    Still, if this is what you and your FI want, it doesn't matter what your mom says, right?
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