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number of bridesmaids help

we just got engaged on aug. and were planing on having a summer wedding in 2013 may 25 to be excat, however im having a little trouble figuring out what to do i dont know how many bridesmaids i should have. i have a lot of close cousin my age and from his side as well. and i would really like to have my close friends in it too. at first i said ill only have 6 bridesmaid and 1 maid of honor but if i do that i dont know who to pick i dont want to hurt ppl feelings. should i pick my family or friends and not his?? he said he wanted his brother and sister which are both married 35 and 33 ages. we are ages 25 my self and he is 29. what should i do?? help please any ideas will help.

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  • RaptorSLHRaptorSLH member
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    Is it easier to pick a smaller party than a large one?  Picking my top 7 would be hard, and draw an awkward line through the middle of a social group, but top 3 was a natural fit.  Your wedding party should be those closest to you, not those chosen to fill a quota.

    It's not usually wise to pick your wedding party based on who would be maddest if left out - you can't let every rude and entitled friend, relative, coworker, etc, hold your wedding hostage to their expectations.  Age and marital status not relevent (within reason.) He can have his sister on his side if he wants to include her.  And PP is right about not usually picking a party this far out.
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    When you are 9 months out from your wedding, think about who you want standing up there with you.  Don't pick some arbitrary number just because it sounds good.  Your wedding party should be about people and relationships, not random numbers.

    Also, please use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your posts.  You aren't sending a text message, you're participating in an online forum.
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    Ditto PPs -- forget about trying to figure out who your WP will be until the end of next summer. So many ladies get all excited and pick their bridesmaids right away, and end up regretting it. Relationships change, be it with friends or family.
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