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Should the MOH wear a different dress then the rest of the BM?


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    I've seen it done both ways.  My MOH will not be wearing anything different.  She will not have anything to distinguish her from others.

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    It's up to you and her.  It can be done both ways.
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    Most of my BMs aren't even wearing the same dress as each other, but the MOH is in a diff color =P (see my siggy) you can have them all matching or not, whatever you prefer!

    just make sure to ask their budgets before picking out the dresses =)
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    I like the idea of a different color MOH dress. I want my MOH (my little sister) to have a different dress sytle too because she is very skinny and petite.
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    It's totally up to you to do it however you want.  My MOH is in the same dress as the rest of the BM but it's a different color.
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    In the wedding I am in in August, I am the MOH and we are all wearing the same color and style dresses.  The bride is just having me wear a hair accessory that matches her cage veil accessory.  Other than that we will all be wearing the same thing.


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    Thank you veryone!  
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