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BMs and dresses for 2 weddings?

We're having 2 weddings - an Indian one in Canada and a "white" one in France. I have 6 BMs, all living in the US. As is Indian tradition, I will be buying them their sairs and jewelry for the Canada wedding. I hadn't thought about dresses for the France wedding, until one of the BMs suggested I pick out a dress as she will buy a new one in any case. 4 of the BMs will surely buy new dresses as 1) they make a lot of money and 2) they are very stylish. The other 2 are less so.

So, do I pick out a dress? Let them all wear whatever? Offer to pay for the dresses for the poorer 2? Have 4 wear matching and 2 wear different ones?

Thanks for your input.

Re: BMs and dresses for 2 weddings?

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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    You ask them for their budget.  Then you look for dresses that are in their budget. 

    Or you tell them a color and let them choose their own.  That way they can choose something that will fit your color palette but be in their own comfort zone as far as pricing.
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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    Yes, ask each one, individually, what their budget is and try to find a dress in that price range is.  If you are choosing a specific designer, make sure it's in everyone price range and maybe let them all pick their own style.
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    jbrooks4jbrooks4 member
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    I agree with trix, ask them what they can manage and try to respect that.  If you are already buying the first dress, it isn't outrageous to expect them to at least partially purchase a dress.  Is it a bridesmaid duty to buy a dress, yes usually.  But, you want to be a generous and caring bride who understands where each girl is coming from.
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    I think it is insane the amount of $ they will spend already to travel to two international weddings for one bride.  I think you should at the very least offer to buy their dresses for the France wedding too.
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    Point taken, kebm. As to what you term "insane" - what can I say, I have great friends.
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