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How many bridesmaids?

3 or 6? 

3 - sister, friend who is like a sister, best friend from college
6 - same as above plus good friend who is dating a groomsmen, 2 good friends from grad school

FI has 4 groomsmen. I have no desire to make it even but I thought I'd do a clicky poll for fun.

Re: How many bridesmaids?

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    I say keep it to the first three.  They were your gut instinct initial choices, and a smaller WP has benefits (easier to coordinate, cheaper for gifts)

    Of course if you REALLY want the other three by all means go for it - you should have your nearest and dearest up there with you.  I just felt like, from your initial post, that the second set of three is more because you feel you should.  Especially the GMs girlfriend - that could get messy
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    The way you describe it, the first three are closer to you than the extended party would be.   Larger parties are more expensive and harder to coordinate.  If you described them all as "friend like a sister," then I'd say have them all.  As is...remember that being invited is an honor to.
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    Stick with your first 3.

    If your not sure if you should ask the second 3, don't. Or at least, wait a few months to see where the relationships are going.

    Don't let the fact that your friend is dating one of the groomsmen influence your decision. Who knows if they will still be in a relationship next September.

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    thanks ladies! i appreciate your input!
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